Timely and relevant tourism research information is extremely valuable to tourism businesses operating in today's competitive travel market.

OTMPC is pleased to provide its industry partners with the best proprietary and third-party tourism research available. It's our goal to provide reports and findings that enable tourism operators to market their products more effectively.

Ontario International Tourism Brand Development

OTMPC commissioned a major international research study in early 2012 among 8,500 consumers on four continents and 11 countries. The objective of the study is to guide the development of an international tourism brand strategy for Ontario based on consumer motivations for choosing destinations. The study reveals that emotions contribute more to destination selection than rational factors such as products and services.

Segment Profiles

Segmentation divides travellers into groups with similar travel needs and interests. If your tourism product is designed for marketing directly to a distinct target group, this section is insightful and valuable.

Brand Tracking Reports

These reports provide insight into consumer perceptions of Ontario as a travel destination. Specific areas of analysis include: Top-of-mind awareness and image of Ontario as a travel destination, and interest in future travel to/within Ontario.

Travel Outlook Reports

This section contains information on travel forecast to Ontario and travel intentions to Ontario from select Canadian and the United States Markets.

Overseas Consumer Research Reports

These summary reports provide highlights from overseas research reports. Highlights include who is coming to Ontario, why they are coming and what they are doing when they get here. Reports are posted as they become available. Check back for updates.

Other Consumer Reports

The OTMPC conducts a wide variety of consumer research to assist the tourism industry in making informed decisions about future product development and marketing. Reports are posted as they become available. Check back for updates.

Visitor Statistics

Statistics Canada data shows the sheer breadth of Ontario's tourism market by measuring the number of visitors, overnight trips, expenditures and more. The focus is on the leisure traveller - those who take trips for pleasure.


The glossary lists research terms and definitions.

Research Resources

A very useful listing of related research links to support and enhance marketing and business planning.

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