The Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive requires that all designated persons in every classified agency post expense information publicly.

Designated persons are:

  • Appointees (every person appointed to the public entity by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the Lieutenant Governor or a Minister);
  • CEOs (the most senior executive position, regardless of the title); and
  • Senior management positions that are at least SMG3 and equivalents.

Please see below the list of OTMPC's expenses listed according to fiscal quarter.

2016-17 - Q2 Expenses

(PDF — English 71KB)

2016-17 Q1 EXPENSES

(PDF — English  84 KB)


2015-16 Q4 EXPENSES

(PDF — English  79 KB)

2015-16 Q3 Expenses

(PDF — English 80 KB)

2015-16 Q2 Expenses

(PDF — English - 75 KB)

2015-16 Q1 Expenses

(PDF — English - 89 KB)


2014-15 Q4 Expenses

(PDF —- English - 189 KB)