Destination Ontario (legally known as Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation - OTMPC) is governed by Ontario Regulation 618/98 made under the Development Corporations Act.  Its mandate, as provided for in the regulation, is:
(a) to market Ontario as a travel destination;
(b) to undertake joint marketing initiatives with the tourism industry;
(c) to support and assist the marketing efforts of the tourism industry; and 
(d) in cooperation with the tourism industry, the Government of Ontario, other governments and other agencies of governments, to promote Ontario as a travel destination.

The following principles support the mandate: 
(a) Destination Ontario is to lead the marketing of Ontario as a travel destination nationally and internationally;
(b) Destination Ontario and regional organizations are to work together to market travel within Ontario;
(c) Destination Ontario is to deliver marketing services that contribute to regional and economic development; 
(d) Destination Ontario is to become a centre of excellence supporting provincial marketing; and
(e) Destination Ontario is to engage in partnerships to support the above objectives.