Strategic Plan & Business Plan

Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2013, the OTMPC Board of Directors approved and launched a new 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan drives the organization's planning and programming decisions within four key strategic priorities:
- Build and Deliver the Case for Investment
- Build a Powerful Brand that Drives Results
- Embrace Organizational Innovation and Effectiveness
- Develop and Execute an Effective Partnership Strategy
 2014-2017 Strategic Plan


Business Plan

Destination Ontario's Business Plans are developed each year based on market research, input from industry stakeholders and review of Destintaion Ontario's activities. The Business Plan outlines the annual planning and programming of the organization, including goals, strategic directions, planning cycle and program budget allocations.
Please see below a listing of Destination Ontario or formerly OTMPC's annual Business Plans.

2017-18 OTMPC Business Plan
2016-17 OTMPC Business Plan
2015-16 OTMPC Business Plan
2014-15 OTMPC Business Plan