Timely and relevant tourism research information is extremely valuable to tourism businesses operating in today's competitive travel market.

Destination Ontario is pleased to provide its industry partners with the best proprietary and third-party tourism research available. It is our goal to provide reports and findings that enable tourism operators to market their products more effectively.

Research Reports COVID-19

To understand the consumer mindset and to inform marketing recovery strategies, Destination Ontario has access to various economic and public attitude and behaviour research studies. The core of the information is from economic models and consumer sentiment research studies that are structured to better understand when and where to re-engage visitors to think about travelling and with what messaging. Complied for our partners are key findings from the research which should be treated as a snapshot in time. Research reports are available in French upon request.

Research Report - March 30, 2020

Research Report - April 7, 2020

Research Report - April 15, 2020

Research Report - April 22, 2020

Research Report - May 21, 2020

Research Report - June 18, 2020

Research Report - July 16, 2020

Research Report - August 20, 2020

Research Report - September 17, 2020

Research Report - October 15, 2020

Research Report - November 27, 2020

Research Report - December 22, 2020