Consumer Research Reports

Destination Ontario conducts a wide variety of consumer research to assist the tourism industry in making informed decisions about future product development and marketing. Reports are posted as they become available. 


Package testing in key US markets

This research was to understand what components of travel packages drive consumers from near- and mid-haul U.S. markets. Specifically, the research sought to identify ideas for packages and key attributes of packages that appeal US travellers.


Western Canada Assessment

This research looks into the attitudes and behaviours of Western Canadians with respect to pleasure travel overall, and more specifically, to Ontario travel.


Offer Research

This research explores the drivers of consumer travel purchases and evaluates which types of offers/packages are effective with different consumer segments.


Impact of VFR Visiting Friends and Relatives

VFR plays a significant role in Ontario tourism, with many Ontarians acting as hosts to out-of-province guests. This study examines the economic impact of the VFR market and outlines marketing implications for Ontario’s tourism operators. Included in the report are basic metrics such as length of stay, expenditures and accommodations and activities chosen among Ontarians hosting visitors from out-of-province and among U.S. mid/near market residents hosted in Ontario.


Exploring travel motivations and attitudes of South Asian and Chinese Canadians

This study provides insight into the travel motivations and interest of the South Asian (India and Pakistan) and the Cantonese speaking Chinese community in Canada, inclusive of recent immigrants from these countries.