Below is a guide to understanding several key terms used throughout the research section of this site.

Person Visits
Combination of same-day and overnight trips within Ontario

Same-Day Trips
A day trip at least 40 km away from home within Ontario

Overnight Trips
A visit to an Ontario location with at least a one-night stay reported in that location

Visits on trips with a stated main purpose of visiting friends or relatives (VFR)

Border Crossings
Resident of another country who entered Canada. An entry does not necessarily mean visitation in the province of entry, as the person may have cleared customs in one province and then immediately travelled to another province, but this data does provide a timely indicator of tourism trends.

Call Volume
Total number of phone calls that enter the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, whether the call is handled by an automated message, as selected by the caller, or directed to a Customer Service Representative.

Fulfillment Kits
Packages of combinations of Ontario travel industry publications and maps created to fulfil demand generated by marketing programs and by general inquiries.

Website Visits
Number of visits, or user sessions, at Destination Ontario's site, regardless of the number of pages viewed. If the same user returns to the site at another time that is considered another user session or website visit.

TIC Enquiries
Number of enquiries at the Travel Information Centres comprises number of parties, phone requests or mail requests.

TIC Visitors
Number of visitors at the Travel Information Centres; includes people who enter the centre (usually counted by an automatic door counter) as well as phone and mail enquiries.