Visitor Statistics / Travel Outlook

Visitor statistics provide an understanding of the importance of the tourism industry. Visitor volumes and expenditure data across the years shed light on visitation trends by key markets. Economic impact of tourism, tourism related employment, hotel occupancy and border crossing statistics helps us understand the importance of tourism in Ontario’s economy and the tourism industry’s current performance.


Historical Trends and Statistics

Based on the Travel Survey of Residents of Canada and the International Travel Survey conducted by Statistics Canada, inbound and outbound visitor volumes and expenditures are available by key markets. Economic impact of tourism, tourism related employment and hotel occupancy information are also available in this section.


Border Crossings

Border crossings for U.S. and key overseas markets are the latest available indicators of tourism performance and market trends. Border crossing statistics are updated monthly.


Travel Outlook Details

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport issues its travel forecast for the next five years annually. It provides visitation and expenditure forecast by key domestic, U.S. and overseas markets, as well as outbound travel forecasts.